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Tennis predictions for today - %s

Tennis predictions for today - 28/05/2023

However, to make a good bet, you need enough data about the players and their performance, so that you are well informed and act not according to your intuition, but according to statistics. We know that it is not easy to dig into all this data, to be aware of all the necessary information and to be able to put it all together. That's why we've made sure you have easy access to up-to-date tennis predictions, which we've compiled based on predictions and player performance data.

In the category - Current tennis predictions we have placed a special table where you can find all the needed information. In the top dark row you see the corresponding categories in the table - "Date / Time", "League", "Circle", "Player 1", "Player 2", "Option 1" (probability of percentage of the first player to win), "Option 2 "(the percentage of the second player to win)," Tip "(our tip)," Sets "," Odds ".

Let's start with the first column. It is extremely clear and works according to the European format for date-month-year - 2019-02-28 15:30 means that the match will be played at three thirty o'clock in the afternoon on February 28, 2019.

Then comes the league - for example Acapulco, Sao Paulo, Dubai, etc. This way, if you want to bet on a tournament, you can only watch the matches of the league you want. After that comes the information about the round (1/4-final, 1/8-final, semifinal).

The fourth column - "Player 1" this is the first player - name and country. "Player 2", the same as explanation as player 1.

Then follow the columns "Prob. 1 ”and“ Prob. 2 “. They are, respectively, the probabilities in percentages for the victory of the first and second player. That is, if under "Player 1" is indicated "Daniel T. (JPN)" and in the column "Prob. 1 "is entered the number" 30 ", then the predicted percentage probability of victory of T. Daniel is 30%. Or, in the same way, if the name "Johnson S. (USA)" is entered in column "Player 2" and in column "Prob. 2 " there is a number" 43, then the predicted percentage probability of victory of S. Johnson is 43%.

Then comes the "Advice" column. Either 1 or 2 is written there. This is our advice on who to bet on - respectively, if it is written 1, we recommend to bet on the tennis player listed in the "Player 1" , and conversely - if it is 2 we recommend to bet on the tennis player listed in the "Player 2".

The penultimate column is Sets. Here we predict how many sets each of the two players listed in the same order will win. And in the last column is the coefficient for this type of market.

Let's give a quick example of how to read the table. Let's say that in the first row is shown - 2019-02-27 22:00 Acapulco R16 Stephens S. (USA) Haddad M. B. (BRA) 65 35 1 2-0 2.00. What does this mean?

It means that at 10 pm on February 27, 2019, a tennis match of the Acapulco tournament will be played, round R16 between S. Stevens from the USA and BM Hadad from Brazil, our prediction is that Stevens has 65% a chance to win, and Haddad has a 35% chance of winning; our advice is to bet on Stevens; we predict that Stevens will win 2 sets against 0 won for Haddad, and the odds are 2.00