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Fantasy Football - win real money

Fantasy Football - win real money

If you follow one of the big championships with Europe - you can try the so-called "Fantasy Leagues" - you create your own team with real players in a given championship. Based on the actual performance of the players you select in the given round - you get points. If your team wins the most points (or is in the top ten) you can win part of the prize pool (depending on your bet).

Two of the biggest websites accepting players from most of the countries:: www.fanteam.com and www.fantasybet.com 

One of the biggest European bookmakers: 1xBet also has an option to play Fantasy football. Keep in mind that the tournaments there are organized on a different principle and include matches from several championships.

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There are two main types of games: one round games (it can be one match, matches in one day or from one round of a tournament) and more than one round - for example during the entire season of the Premier League .

Many sites offer similar games - you can play for real money and in just 1 round - for each round you choose a new team and place a bet. At the end of the round - you will receive part of the prize fund.

Different sites have different interfaces and variations in the rules, but everywhere the idea is the same to win as many points as possible. This is done by following and knowing the football teams that play in the tournament and selecting the right players.

www.fanteam.com www.fantasybet.com 
 Points are swared differently on every website, but the rules are as follows:
1) The longer a player plays, the more points he receives. If he does not play at all - he does not receive points and is automatically replaced by one of the reserves. If he plays the whole match without being changed, he gets maximum points.
2) If a team does not receive a goal - the goalkeeper and defenders receive a serious bonus (4 points each in Fanteam and Fantasybet).
3) For each goal or assist - players receive points depending on which position they play - strikers the least, defenders the most.
4) If they win, players receive bonus points.
5) Points are taken for yellow or red cards.
6) You choose a team captain - the points are doubled.

*Each site has its own peculiarities in scoring, so it's best for you to read before take part in a tournament.

You can choose the tournament you want to participate in. There are also free tournaments with a real prize pool or so-called freerolls.

You can also choose the league of the tournament (Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, etc.) from the menu on the right. You see a list of tournaments, the entry fee (for one team) and the prize pool.

If you open the additional information for each tournament you will see: the games, the prize pool and the teams included in the tournament.


Two of the biggest websites accepting players from most of the countries: www.fanteam.com and www.fantasybet.com