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Sports betting on basketball

Sports betting on basketball

Many people are fans of basketball and play or watch this entertaining game. There are many basketball games and championships, among which, for example, is the NBA. This is the favorite sport of many fans and that is why all online bookmakers provide betting options for those games. It can be said that it is easier to predict the outcome of a basketball match than a football match. This sport rarely provides serious surprises.



Two teams play against each other in basketball. Each of them consists of 5 players, and their goal is to score the ball in the opponent's basket, which leads to scoring one or more points. This sport is practiced on playgrounds with sizes from 28 to 15, which are respectively the side line and the line under the basket. The basket itself is located at a height of 3, 05 meters. 3 points are awarded when putting the ball in the basket after shooting from or behind the three-point line, which is 6 meters away from the basket. If the shot is made before this line and results in a basket being scored, this gives 2 points. If a foul is committed in the field in front of the three-point line, 2 penalty kicks are awarded, and if a foul is committed behind this line, the penalty kicks are 3. Each penalty kick is executed from a specially designated line, and its introduction leads to 1 point.

Basketball bets offer a variety of markets. The most common options found in online bookmakers are the FT winner, total number of points, handicap betting (Spread) and many others. In basketball betting, you have the option to make a combo bet (combine different selections) - both with other sports and other basketball games. 

Some of the big bookmakers provide their customers with a chance to watch a basketball game live and place bets at the same time. In these cases, bets can be tailored to the actual performance of the teams in the match.

Most often people bet on handicap betting (spread). which the handicap lines have halves, which eliminates the possibility of a tie. Some bookmakers allow you to bet not only on the final winner of a match, but also on the final winner for a particular tournament or for the first four teams in the tournament. Other types of bets focus more specifically on the performance of individual players or on the development of certain events in the match.

Because basketball betting is available from almost all online bookmakers and they all have different PO and different odds, most players check the odds of before choosing where to place a bet. Of course, it is important to assess bookmakers in terms of the different markets, the variety of matches, tournaments and championships, as well as to see if live streaming, live betting options and Cash-Out are available. Basketball is a very popular sport not only for watching but also for betting, so most major online bookmakers offer all of these options.