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Basic Types of Bets

Basic Types of Bets

Basic Types of Bets
Miroslav Trifonov

Added on 2020-02-25 18:38:35 from Miroslav Trifonov

Good knowledge of the different types of bets is a must for players if they want to increase their chances of winning. In this article we will look at what the signs 1, X, 2 are and we will pay attention to the asian handicaps. At the end of the article we will look at some of the most common options for betting on sporting events.

Continue reading to get acquainted with the main types of bets, and if there is something you do not understand, you can ask the customer support of the chosen bookmaker. Each licensed gaming platform has support that serves users.

What is the meaning of 1X2 betting?

Undoubtedly, the signs 1X2 are the most common in sports betting. If we assume that Barcelona is playing against Valencia, then the "1" is for the home team (in this case Barcelona). If you bet on "X", the match must end in a draw. Sign "2" is for the away team.

In the example above you will see the odds for each sign. Online sports betting platforms have three columns with odds for 1, X or 2. If you choose 1 (Barca's home win), the odds can be 1.20 or 1.30, because the bookmaker has chosen this team as the favorite. For a tie there is another column with different odds, 3.60 or higher for example, and for the away team a rate of 3.50 or higher.

If the strengths of the teams are equal, then the odds will not differ much from each other. If we assume that the odds for "1" is 2.00 and you bet 10 Euro, then your return will be a total of 20 Euro. The net profit in this case is 10 Euro. This also applies if your prediction is for X or 2.

In some cases, you can take advantage of a bet option that allows you to choose two signs at once (1X, 2X or 12). This option is known in most bookmakers as double chance. It allows you to play with more than one sign and earn more money, but the odds are lower. If the odds for home win for example are 2.00 and you are pick Double Chance (1X), then the value will drop to 1.50 or lower.

Handicap betting

Handicap is one of the most common types of sports betting. In it, the bookmaker equalizes the strength of both teams, giving the lead to the outsider. To make it easier for you to understand what we are trying to explain, we will give an example. Let's say that Lazio will play against Atalanta. The odds for Eagles win are 2.00 and the odds for X are 4.00. The victory for the team from Bergamo comes with odds of 5.00.

In this case we have a +1 advantage for Atalanta. If you think that Lazio will win by two goals, you can bet on the Eagles, as the odds will be higher. However, if the match ends 0:0, then Atalanta will be the winner. Here we must say that if you bet on +1 for Atalanta and they win 0:2 for example, the odds will be much lower than 5.00. In general, this is the Asian handicap you can bet on.

Other types of bets

Among the common bets is the one for O/U goals. In this case you will have to predict how many goals will be scored in the game and the line is usually O/U 2.5 goals. If we look at the above example Lazio against Atalanta, you can choose whether the teams will score together more than 2.5 goals or less.

Of course, you can choose over 3.5, over 4.5 and so on. The other option is to bet on under 2.5, 3.5, 4.5, for example. If your prediction is correct, you will win the bet.

There are also a whole bunch of betting options, including Correct score, HT/FT, goalscorers, Both teams to score, Odd/Even so on. Some of these options are not only for football, but can be found in other sports - basketball, volleyball, hockey, tennis. Different bookmakers may offer different markets, so always check the types of bets available on the site you play.