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Cash out - definition and how to use it

Cash out - definition and how to use it

Many players have faced the not so pleasant experience of losing at the last minute, even when they have done everything right. They did a thorough research, checked and analysed all the statistics, placed their bets, everything went well almost to the end and suddenly everything collapsed. A sudden goal, a last minute mistake ... that could be the difference between success and loss.

This scenario is well known and for many years players have had no opportunity to do anything but hope for the best. Often, however, the results turned out to be different than expected, and an astonishing victory turned into a crushing loss.

But today you have the opportunity to take advantage of the Cash Out option, which saves you this horrible experience that brings you financial losses. We will discuss the details below. And let's start with the main question.

What is Cash Out?

Standard bets are valid for the entire game. That is, if you bet on a football match, you have to wait for the match to end before the settlement of your bet.

Bookmakers have implemented the Cash Out option to eliminate tension and last-minute betting reversals. The function is very simple. From the second you place your bet, you have the opportunity to use Cash Out. That is, you have the chance to "close" the bet and get your money.

Most bookmakers allow the use of Cash Out from the moment the bet is placed. If you placed a bet before the match, but you feel that you made a mistake, you can use Cash out and get back the same amount of money you bet (or just a little less, depending on the bookmaker).

But when the game starts, the Cash Out option starts to change. For example, if you bet 10 Euro to win and the odds are 2.00, you have a potential profit of 10 Euro if you win. If Team 1 leads with one goal, you may be offered an option to Cash out 15 Euro and you can close your bet. This will give you a profit of 6 Euro and your bet will be settled.

If you turn this option off, the numbers will change. If Team 1 scores another goal, the Cash out option may be higher - for example, 17-18 Euro.

If Team 2 leads when placing the exact same bet, the Cash out option may be around 7 Euro, which means that you will have a loss of 3 Euro. If Team 2 leads with more, then the Cash out can drop dramatically (the money you can take by using it), sometimes even to 0.

Advantages and disadvantages

With Cash out you have the opportunity to cancel your bet if you are satisfied with the course of the match and save yourself the potential chance of losing at the last minute. You can also minimize your losses - for example, if you bet 10 Euro and have a Cash out option of 5 Euro, you may end up losing only 5 Euro instead of all 10 Euro. Cash out also allows you to withdraw bets that you have placed by mistake, and your loss from this bet will b eless than 10%.

Like all the things in betting, this option is also dependent on luck. If you choose to use Cash Out when your team leads and then they score again, you have actually missed the opportunity to make a bigger profit on this. Also another scenario is possible - let's say the team you choose loses and you use Cash Out to minimize the loss, but suddenly your team scores and move forward - then your loss is actually bigger. 

Why do bookmakers offer Cash Out?

One reason is that this way they can save money. For example, if you select the Cash out option and take 6 Euro and team 1 wins, the bookmaker has saved 14 Euro (check the example above).

But the more important reason this option is offered is because it is popular. Players like it to be available and are much more likely to use a betting site that offers Cash Out.

Are there any bonuses when using Cash Out for the first time?

Some bookmakers offer you bonuses when you first use the Cash Out option. To find out if there are any, read the terms of use of the Cash Out option. A full refund is not usually offered.

Is a sports betting cash out available for all types of bets?

Typically, the various betting sites offer a cash out option for most of the sports and matches that are live-streamed. But it depends on which site you bet on. There is almost always a cash out option for sports such as tennis, football, volleyball and basketball. It is available in most major leagues from different countries, and in many cases it is missing in matches of the second/third divisions.

What is cash out all about and why it should be used?

There are two main reasons for using this option:

  1. The games are not going according to your plan - if this is the case, to reduce losses by using cash out option. If you see that the matches are not going well, then you can use partial cash out, get part of the bet amount and limit your loss instead of losing the whole bet.
  2. You have won almost all the matches in your combo or system correctly and you are waiting the result from only one game. But it often happens that the last game fails you. If this happens, then you miss the chance to take good money and lose your bets. In this case you can use again the Cash out option.