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For beginners: How to bet on tennis

For beginners: How to bet on tennis

For beginners: How to bet on tennis
Miroslav Trifonov

Added on 2020-01-30 19:59:57 from Miroslav Trifonov


Tennis is one of the fastest growing individual sports. The statement is supported by statistics provided by TV channels, as well as the growing share of tennis bets in online bookmakers. There has been a significant increase in interest, which in turn ranks the sport among some of the biggest sports such as football and basketball. What we need to know about the game and what are the types of bets, we will explain in this article.


Tennis - basic rules

Tennis matches are held between two (singles matches) or four players (doubles matches), whose main goal is to return the ball to the opponent's field. It is played over a net that has a height of 0.917 m in the central part and 1.07 m at its ends. The tennis court is called a court and has a length of 23.77 m. Depending on whether the match is singles or doubles, the width varies from 8.23 m to 10.97 m. There are several types of flooring - grass, glue, hard and "carpet", which provide different playing conditions.

The tennis match itself takes place in separate phases, called sets. Each set consists of 6 games, ending after winning 4 points by one player. They are counted as follows - "15", "30", "40", announcing the result of the serving player first. If there is a tie (40-40) in singles matches, there is a difference of two points, the first of which is called "Advantage". To avoid long doubles matches, the game is won by the first team to score a point after the tie (40-40).

There are also special rules of tennis to complete the sets. If the result is 5:5, it means that at least two games are ahead (two more games will be played). In case of a draw 6:6, a tiebreak is played, and the winner is the tennis player who is the first to reach 7 points (i.e. - at 6:6 points - till two points difference). For a long time, doubles end with a championship set (first to 10), in case of a 2:2 sets. Recently, the rule was imposed in the Grand Slam tournaments to end the grueling fifth sets, lasting several hours.

In 2010 at Wimbledon, John Isner and Nicolas Mayu finished the fifth set with a score of 70:68 in favor of the American. The match lasted over 11 hours, three consecutive days. The two players scored over 100 aces. This also dictates the reform of the rules concerning the final set.


Key factors in tennis betting

Unlike team sports, in which a certain player can compensate for the bad day of his teammate, in tennis this is impossible, even in doubles. Therefore, it is necessary to make analysis of the pre-match circumstances concerning the format, statistics and results of previous matches.

Players often go to tournaments, even though they have injuries. For example, Bulgaria's best tennis player - Grigor Dimitrov had a problem with his shoulder in 2019, which led to a drastic drop in the ATP rankings. If you find out about some difficulties, physical or mental, disturbing the game of one of the tennis players, do not hesitate to bet against him.

Before making a prediction for a tennis match, you need to get acquainted with the capabilities of the players involved. Some of them rely on powerful service, others have powerful returns. For example, this can provide a greater advantage in grass tournaments, as the ball moves faster. Players from the main line benefit from clay courts, where the ball moves slowly and predisposes to prolonged play. A good example of a good clay player is Rafa Nadal, who has a record 12 Roland Garros titles won in the last 15 years.

It is important to oppose the two tennis players, emphasizing their strengths and weaknesses. Take a look at their detailed statistics and make a detailed analysis of the performance in the different segments of the game - service, net game, baseline game, return, unforced errors, winning shots, double fault. For example, players who rely mainly on their service make longer matches, but once they break into the set, the battle seems predetermined.


Tennis Betting Markets

There is a steady increase in the list of tennis betting markets in all bookmakers. You can bet on various events related to the outcome of the match, and here are the most common ones:

  • Moneyline - betting on a player to win the match.
  • Total games/sets - similar to the over/under markets in football, in tennis bets you can predict the total number of games or sets in the game;
  • Handicap (games/sets) - you have to guess whether the player will win thanks to the advantage given to him or will compensate for the disadvantage. The types of handicaps for a set are +/- 1.5, +/- 2.5, and the odds can vary;
  • Set betting/Game betting - correct prediction is required, but the odds are worth it;
  • Long-term or outright bets - predict the winner of the tournaments.

If you are not sure about your selection, wait for the match to start and place a live tennis bet. Bookmakers add over 90% of the tennis events to the "Live" section, and many of them have live streaming. You need to be fast, because tennis is a dynamic sport and the result can be changed in seconds.