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Money management - Online betting

Money management - Online betting

There are three money management systems in betting depending on your strategy:

1) Fixed bet and staking strategy - your bank is divided into equal parts and you place bets with the same amount each time. A classic example - if you have 100 Euro for bets - you divide them into 5 or 10 and place bets with a value of 10 Euro or 20 Euro.


2) Progressive betting - choose a specific amount for every bet and for each lost bet the amount is increased by some proportion so that when a bet is won, the losses of the previous ones are compensated. In case of a winning bet, the next one is again with the same amount. A classic example is a bet: 1 Euro, if you lose the next one is 2 Euro, if you lose 4 Euro, then 16 Euro, etc. This is very effective way for you to increase the average size of your bet.


3) Percentage of Bank - each bet is a certain percentage of the bank. Example - 5% of 100 Euro is your first bet - equal to 5 Euro. If you win your next bet is 5% of 110 Euro (assuming you have won and the odds were 2) your next bet is 5% of 110 Euro = 5.5 Euro. If you lose, your second bet is 5% of 95 Euro = 4.75 Euro.

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Depending on what results you want to achieve and what your experience is, you can choose a money management system that would bring you the desired results. For beginners, it is advisable to focus on percentage systems that would not have a strong negative or positive result in the short term, but in the long run will improve your skills and show a real result.

Understanding the psychology of online sports gambling

Betting on sporting events also has its purely psychological risks. It often happens that players after a successful series of bets, start making bets with money that they can not afford to lose. The other purely psychological problem arises after a loss - and the desire of the player to quickly compensate for the lost amount with a win.

In order to have the right attitude towards betting, it is advisable to look at this process as an investment. First - control your emotions, then determine the right system for you. Do not get excited at a series of successful bets and do not lose heart (in any case do not disrupt your money management system to quickly compensate for losses) in a series of losses.

* Always bet money that you can afford to lose.

** Always take the maximum bonus from each bookmaker - Bonuses.