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Professional Betting: best odds and limits

Professional Betting: best odds and limits

If you place bets professionally (or semi-professionally) you should choose bookmakers that can offer you what you need - high odds, high limits and fast withdrawals. Most bookmakers are focused on players that bet small amounts and play without a long-term strategy, they are generally not suitable for professional players. If you are a pro, we recommend that you consider the following:

1) The best possible odds - a player who bets 10 Euro really does not matter whether the odds are 1.6 or 1.68 - because in 1st case he will win 16 Euro, and in the 2nd one 16.80 Eruo. But, if you bet 1,000 Euro - in 1st case will take 1,600 Euro, and in the other 1,680 Euro or the difference will be 80 Euro.

2) Winning players are welcome. In general, all the bookmakers that we offer on our site are serious companies with a long-standing reputation and regardless of whether you win or lose the attitude towards you and the service will be up to standard. However, it is important to know that those bookmakers win not from losing bets of the customers, but from turnover, and for them winning players are just as valuable as losers.

3) The highest possible limits. If you make a living from betting on sporting events - you will have to bet a lot of money on a single match. Most bookmakers have quite low limits.

4) You can monitor the movement of the odds. The odds are moving accordingly to the amounts of money spend on the particular market.

5) Arbitragers are welcomed. More on the topic regarding arbitrage betting and how to earn money from those types of bets: Here.

6) Better odds than betting exchanges. Keep in mind that betting exchanges deduct commissions from winning bets, so what you see as odds is not equal to what you get in the end. For example: the stock exchange licensed in Bulgaria has a 6.5% fee - this means that if you win with a bet of 100 Euro and odds are 2.0 - you will not make a profit of 100 Euro, instead 100 - 6.5% = 94.5 This means that your real odds are not: 2.0, but 1.945.


One of the must-see sites for anyone who gambles professionally. One of the largest and with the most serious liquidity even on low-tier leagues and markets.

Pinnacle one of the most innovative bookmakers is a preferred place for betting not only because of some of the best odds, but also because of the perfect service.