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Corner betting

Corner betting

Corner betting
Miroslav Trifonov

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The corner kick is an integral part of football matches. Some teams use their height players and better play in the air to beat the opponent, others rely on short corners, but this does not always work. In fact, statistics show that every 8-9 games a goal is scored after a corner.

Types of Corner Bets

First of all, we will pay attention to the types of markets that are offered in online bookmakers. Nowadays, the abundance is incredible and allows players to experiment with all sorts of options, depending on the odds sought. The number of corners (over/under) is the most popular market on betting sites. The standard line is 9.5 or 10.5.

But that's not all. The platforms offer their customers corner markets for Corners FT Asian Handicap, Corners FT Winner, HT (Half Time), Total team Corners and Corners FT OU. Some Asian and British bookmakers focus on Asian corner lines and handicaps.


Soccer Game Strategies

Whether a team is able to make more corners depends on the game, opponent, strategy and the result of course. Some managers rely on the more attacking football at home, but when playing away from home they rely more on the defense. The scheme of the game shows what the intentions of the coach are and how the team will build its game.

When the attacks are built and pass entirely in the central part of the field, then the likelihood of winning more corner kicks is minimized. More prone to corners are teams whose offensive actions take place on the flank. The fast wings are difficult to "hold" as they play near the sidelines but move very fast to the middle of the pitch or center the ball in the area in front of the opponent's goal. Therefore, find out what the teams of both teams look like and whether they have fast flank players.


Use statistics

Here we are not talking about the current standings, results from previous matches and head to head games. Statistics are only needed for the corners that may accur in the meeting between the teams involved.

Tables and indicators from past matches are published on the Internet, which illustrate the average number of corners won by the team and the number of corners completed by their opponents. This will help you make well informed decision.

In a more in-depth analysis, you can look for the average number of corners at home and in away games and how differ against different opponents. For example, Wolfsburg team wins corners against low-ranked and equal opponents, but against Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund the number of corners won is significantly lower.


Betting on Corners - Live

Online bookmakers have evolved to the point that they offer real-time bets on various events. Even if the match started half an hour ago, you can check the Live section of the operator and find a wide range of football markets. Corners are one of the most popular to bet on live.

In case the leader is losing by a particular margin at some point in the game, the probability for more corners is very high. In such cases, the game is played around the penalty area of the outsider, which forces the attacking team to look for empty spaces in the penalty area from the flank.

It is advisable to look for corners if the action takes place at a fast pace, without prolonged play in the center of the field. The more dynamic the game, the more attacks, the bigger the chance for corners.


Bonus tips for betting on corners at Globet.tips

The 1X2 is increasingly unpredictable market, especially in the Premier League or La Liga these days. This leads to the search for alternative options that not only replace it, but also increase the thrill of betting. Corners are a good option to play if their prediction is based on statistics and team behavior.

The Globet.tips team has prepared a few additional tips that will increase your winnings in corner predictions.

  • Look for corner kicks when the game is dynamic and played on both wings.
  • Avoid corner bets when flank players look for gaps in the opponent's defense through the center of the field.
  • Corners are most likely to happen at the end of both halves.

In conclusion, do not indulge in bets with a lot of selections. Adding more events and markets affects their proper analysis. Limit selections to 3 per bet slip if you are not a fan of singles or combo (2-fold) bets.

Sometimes corner kicks are pure coincidence, but the more familiar you are with competing teams and their statistics, the easier and more profitable will be for you to bet on corners.