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Market movement in sports betting

Market movement in sports betting

Market movement in sports betting
Simeon Simeonov

Added on 2019-04-03 03:51:03 from Simeon Simeonov

Understanding the importance of market movement is an essential strategy for players who want to predict the winner of a sporting event. Taking into account the movement of the odds, players can become much more successful.

The saying "Money Talks" comes from an Italian proverb that dates back to the 17th century. It suggests more money more power and that money are the best way to do something.

This expression is still valid today, when cash flow is the most accurate way to determine the outcome of a future event. Understanding these market movements can help you anticipate future developments more accurately ... and not only that.

Few things could be more devastating than the Pentagon-sponsored terrorist prediction program launched by the United States Department of Defense in 2003.

The idea behind this program was for people to speculate and bet on wars, assassinations and terrorist acts in the Middle East. In this way, the US services would collect data and make more accurate predictions with the help of people.

The idea of civilians gambling and eventually profiting from such atrocities proved morally disgusting, and public discontent led to the suspension of the program only 24 hours after it was launched.

And while such a program has proved impossible to implement, it is proof that indeed in every respect "money talks". This is no exception in sports betting.

For example, fast dropping odds for a tennis player is a good indicator that many people have bet on him to win the match. This does not guarantee the victory, but when you place your bet on the match, you decide for yourself whether to trust your opinion or what the market movement shows.

But in most cases, when money talks, most players prefer to beleive in that.

Some betting exchanges can be a good example of targeting both players and bookmakers. They have other indicators besides the movement of the market, i.e. the change of the odds when opening the market and accumulating more bets.

What does this mean? Some betting exchanges have a unique business model that offers the lowest margins (respectively the best odds), high betting limits, zero limits on gaming accounts - this attracts professional players who want to optimize their potential profits.

Thus, many bookmakers use the odds on these exchanges - after adding their margin (commission) - before opening the possibility of placing a bet for their players.

However, unlike traditional bookmakers, betting exchanges rarely take a stand on sporting events. Instead, they have highly skilled traders who set early odds with lower betting limits and then rely on players to move the market, and betting limits increase over time.

Handicap betting on American football can serve as a good example. Although the minimum bet is € 1, the standard handicap limit is around € 30,000 per bet and players can bet an unlimited number of times (once the odds are updated).

Such a combination of incredibly good odds and high limits, together with a policy of not limiting winning players, allows exchanges to be an excellent choice for serious players.

Most exchanges allow their players to monitor market movements, i.e. the change of the odds.

This means that each player can decide for himself when to bet and how much to bet on, taking into account the opinions of others.

Exchanges with low margins (respectively high odds) generate a huge volume of bets, which makes market movement a very effective measure against losing money and also give more accurate prediction. Traditional bookmakers with higher margins (between 5 and 12%) have a much smaller volume of bets and, accordingly, their odds do not accurately reflect market prices. To track market movements, simply check the odds just after the opening of the markets and compare them after hours or days.

This information can help you make a better and more accurate prediction and earn more in the long run.