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Brescia - detailed statistics and predictions for the upcoming matches

Brescia - detailed statistics and predictions for the upcoming matches

Brescia Calcio is the representative team of the city of Brescia, Lombardy. It was established in 1911, playing with blue home kit since its inception. The team uses the Mario Rigamonti Stadium, which has a capacity of 19,500 seats and was opened in 1959. Brescia is popular with several nicknames, including "the lioness", "little swallows" and "white and blue".

The club holds the record for most games in the second echelon of Italy (Serie B). Spent 61 seasons in the second division, 18 of which were in consecutive years (1947-1965). Until 1982, Brescia was a regular player in the first two echalons of Italian football, before being relegated to Serie C, where they spent three years.

Brescia is a four-time Serie B champion, the last time this happened was in the 2018/2019 season, when they finished with 67 points. In its history they have two championship titles from third division (Serie C), as well as a final in the non-existent anymore Intertoto.

The best period of Brescia is directly related to the biggest transfer ever for them of Roberto Baggio. The offensive midfielder joined the ranks of the "lioness", where he ended his iconic career. The shock transfer turned out to be positive for the "white-blues", and they have finished next season in a record 7th place. This gives them the possibility to play in the Intertoto, where they reach the final stages, but were defeated by PSG. After Baggio ended his career, Brescia collapsed and fell into the lower echelon.

Other legendary players have passed through the team from Lombardy, leaving a bright mark in the history of the sport. Some of the most popular are Andrea Pirlo, Jica Hadji, Luca Toni, Daniele Bonera, Josep Guardiola and others. In the summer of 2019, Brescia made another interesting transfer, attracting the favorite of local fans - Mario Balotelli. The former Italian national is inextricably linked to the city as he spent his childhood in Brescia.